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Areas of Expertise

 Couple's Therapy 

Has there been an emotional betrayal or an affair? Using Evidence-based practices such as the Gottman Method will be used to help make direct and impactful changes in how we repair your relationship, actively listen and learn to be more "Proactive vs Reactive". I provide psychoeducation on self-regulation, using a "soft start up", and how to be more aligned with your partner. Using Reflective Listening Skills is at the heart of my couples work, along with Conflict Resolution Skills. I focus energetically on exploring a couples connection, romance and intimacy satisfaction.

How satisfied are you with the frequency of your sexual relations or how enjoyable your sexual relations are?

I integrate my training and knowledge of intimacy re-building for couples experiencing low libido or performance difficulties. I also specialize in helping individuals and couples through a variety of sexual struggles. 

Kink, BDSM & Poly knowledgeable/Friendly. 

After our initial session, I will meet with each individual in the couple to complete a Biopsychosocial assessment. I will take a quick peek into your past to better understand how you respond to your environment/relationship. It's imperative for me to appreciate your journey more when working with you as a couple. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Shame- Informed Care

Are you looking for concrete and direct tools to apply to your life?

Utilizing these Evidenced-based practices, you learn how to identify negative core beliefs of self along with learning how to test/challenge irrational intrusive thoughts. Untwist negative thoughts of self by healing past traumas inside out. CBT focuses on how your thinking patterns impact your feelings and behaviors. This can help you become more aware of negative, invalid, and unhealthy thinking so you can view situations more clearly and respond to them more effectively. 

 I am certified in TF-CBT- This approach is designed to help others overcome the impact of traumatic effects. Studies have shown this type of CBT is more effective in reducing trauma symptoms than other types of therapy. 

Insight-Oriented Therapy

I strongly believe you can't know where you are going until you understand where you come from. I find it extremely helpful in my sessions for the client "take me back" so I can better understand how you see your world and respond to it. I use a comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessment at the start of each initial session, then help you learn how to manage distorted beliefs of self. I call it, "connect the dots" to help you understand your internal and external triggers and how you respond to them.  

This type of talk therapy is based on the concept that talking through your problems will help you to learn the skills to address them effectively. 



Men's Wellness

Focusing on Men's Mental Wellness is another area I focus on to learn how to bridge the "logical" brain with emotions and learn how to identify a broad range of emotions in order to improve transparency within a relationship or enhance confidence. I work with men looking to address issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and low desire. Let's talk, we can reduce feelings of shame and guilt surrounding these feelings. 

Adult Child and Parent Relationships

Strained or Conflicted Parent to Adult Child Relationship?

I help couples and adult parents learn how to repair their strained or torn relationships with their adult children. Assertive communication and Boundary Setting are keys to building healthier relationships. 

About Me

My approach is particular, in how I connect with others. Authenticity is a major factor in my practice and my personality, it's deeply rooted in who I am. I strive to help others learn how to connect themselves for the purpose of finding a deeper meaning of being genuine and authentic with your true self. I lean into your energy to help uncover past or current challenges and to better assess your needs. I  take the time to build a palpable, real connection with my couples and individuals. 


I was born and raised in New Jersey then moved to Upstate New York to attend New York University for my Masters. Having worked within someone else's practice for almost two years, I branched out on my own in March of 2022 and now I get to add more of my own personality to the décor and my practice. 


One thing you will notice about me is that I love to wear unique articles of clothing or accessories in my office. I believe a person’s sense of style comes through in their personality, so it’s important for me to meet my clients dressed in a professional and fun manner. I enjoy accessorizing my style from colorful earrings to brightly colored pumps. I truly love the work I do and it shines through every day. 


When I'm not in the office, I love to try new local restaurants. Food feeds my soul! I have been labeled as a "foodie". I enjoy spending time outdoors gardening and horseback riding. I share my life with my husband and two dogs: an French Bulldog and a Siberian Husky. Feel free to contact me directly to answer any questions you may have about my background. I look forward to working with you. 

My Approach
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